A Quiet City

Living in the city, I always welcome a good snowstorm.  It brings peace and quiet that nothing else does.  It also makes the city look clean.  I know it is a false sense of clean but it is something we would otherwise never experience.

For not having much winter here this year, this one day made up for it quite a bit. The winds were fierce and howled for most of the day.

Thank heavens for a snowmelt system.  You can see where it ends right before the shovel.

It melts the patio and driveway to make it easier for the W's to get out on their walks.

Winnie sticks her face into every snow pile she sees.


We've been getting freezing rain lately. That's the worst!
DrumMajor said…
Cool melting system. The Ws are little snow bears! Linda in Kansas
Looks really like winter for once :-) I hope it stays a while now when it finally has come!

Have a great day!

The snow hides a multitude of sins. Even though we don't need to make it look clean, the pristine white does look clean. We don't have a noise problem, but the snow and fact no one is out, makes the world seem silent and soft.

I have never heard of a snow melting system. Can you explain that is a post?
jaz@octoberfarm said…
the snowmelt system is like a radiator under the cement. you flip a switch and it turns the boiler on and it heats the cement so that when the snow falls, it instantly melts in that area
Guillaume said…
I'm so envious watching these pictures. I love winter. Here the best we can have is fog.
Susan said…
Everything looks so pristine covered in snow. Beautiful.
1st Man said…
A snowmelt system??!? I was today years old when I learned about that, ha. I know about heated floors int he house of course but that's awesome. No shoveling the sidewalks or driveways if you have them done. Very neat. It's all so pretty and I agree, visually it's like getting a blank slate. I'm glad you got your snow. And Winnie with the snow booping her nose, adorable!
Unknown said…
That 1st picture is beautiful. Lots of snow you got. Winnie is so fluffy.
A picture perfect day. Winnie looks mischievous with her snout all covered in snow. so sweet.