I Love Winter and Canadian Butter Tarts

We had a wonderful wintry day yesterday and the W's thoroughly enjoyed it.  They can't get enough of it and neither can I.

For months they hibernate in the house in front of their fans with the A/C running. The moment the temps drop and especially when the flakes begin flying, they are born again and enjoy life to the fullest.

I spent the snowy day baking Canadian butter tarts for my workers. These might not be the most attractive dessert but they are one of the most decadent ones.

And in case anyone is wondering, there are no nuts, raisins or (god forbid), chocolate chips in these tarts. It's a Canadian argument and now you know which side I'm on.



For those of you interested in my snowmelt, this is how it works. There are tubes that run under the driveway and patio.  When we have a chance of snow, we flip the switch on the sensor.  As soon as the snow starts falling, the system turns on and heats the liquid in the tubes.  Much like an underground radiator.

The snow melts as it hits the surface.  Those shovels are for the areas that are not on the snowmelt.

It's wonderful but it makes you wish you had installed it everywhere. That's The Chef's Jeep sitting there.  He finally got a week off of work and he and My Daughter are in Skaneateles for a mini honeymoon.  They never had a proper one because he works too much and rarely gets more than two days off in a row.  She promised photos so I might have some to show you tomorrow.  Skaneateles, NY is simply one of my most favorite places.  I think they will love it too.


Okay, I can live with butter tarts having raisins or nuts in them, but WHAT DEMENTED CRIMINAL would ever put chocolate chips in butter tarts? Oh, the horror!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
can you believe it? it's a thing! people actually put chocolate chips in them. the unadulterated nerve!!! what has this world come to?
Guillaume said…
We call them tartes au sucre in Québec. You only have the filling in it, no raisin or anything else. When hot, you can pour some cream on it to make it decadent.
DrumMajor said…
Thanks for explaining the warmed driveway device. Sounds really nice for enjoying life. Kansas State University in north-central Kansas has some of their sidewalks around campus built with those warmers in them. The poor kids rarely get a snow day. Linda in Kansas
Susan said…
Adorable snow-covered W photo! The tarts look so buttery good. Your contractors are going to be overjoyed.
Since I have always lived in the South, this ice melt thing is news to me. We need it once in a while since we don't know how to drive or walk on ice and snow!
I meant to say that these are like the filling of pecan pies without the pecans on top. I love that filling, so I am sure I would love these.
Bee Haven Bev said…
ok, now we know what is not in them.... so.... what is in them?? Butter and..... I never met a butter dessert I didn't like!!
Rain said…
LOL at Debra's comment! I am NOT a fan of anything in butter tarts...just the yummy sweet filling for me! In fact, I often just lick it out and leave the pastry for the dogs ha ha! That snowmelt would come in handy here, I'd love to have it all long my road!!