Skaneateles Continued

Though I am sure this is a wonderful place to sit in the Summer, I just love the Winter view.
My daughter walks the village each morning as her husband hits a different ski area each day to snowboard.  She is ready to drop everything and move here.  Not without me!
A boathouse on the lake.
This house is right across the street from the lake and is now split into condos.
Skaneateles has fantastic restaurants and My Daughter and The Chef have been trying out every one of them.  Chicken Picatta.
Banana budino from Roasalie's Cucina.
Tacos for lunch.
A complimentary breakfast is served at the Sherwood Inn each morning.
They are both loving these mini latkes that are served with the breakfast each morning and something tells me I will be making them when they return. My Daughter said the pumpernickel bread is wonderful too.

Chocolate pot de creme.

This is one of the most favorite things they have eaten there,  beef carpaccio with a caper cream sauce and dressed greens.  I wake up to these pics each each day and it makes my morning oatmeal less and less festive.  They still have two more days to enjoy this trip.


"it makes my morning oatmeal less and less festive" -- hahahahahaha, great line!
Really beautiful place and the food looks delicious!

Have a great day!

Megs said…
Those meals look delightful. I was there years ago, need to look into returning, it is beautiful there.
Rain said…
The food looks so delicious! No wonder she's ready to drop everything and move there, it's a very enchanting little town!!!