We Got It

The snow started at 2:30 yesterday afternoon and has been falling steadily ever since. 

We've had about a foot so far and it will continue to snow until this afternoon.

It's good that today is a holiday so people can take their time to shovel out.
The penguins at the zoo were let outside to enjoy the newly fallen snow.

Yay snow!!!


Mary V said…
Happy for you, we in RI have rain! Adore the photo of penguins in the snow.
Mystica said…
I envy you! its hot and humid here. no let up at all.
Enjoy every snowflake, Joyce!
bobbie said…
Better you than me! Enjoy ~
Mike said…
We got 2 inches and it's going to be 50 degrees today. Bye Bye snow.
Susan said…
Your Winter wonderland looks fabulous. We got almost no snow. So disappointing. Now it's raining.
Guillaume said…
I wish I was there.
I'm so glad You got the snow :-)

We had a storm passing by here, without snow though. 25000 households without power but no such problem here. It has calmed down today but a new storm will pass by on Wednesday they say, I do hop that one is snow free too :-)

Have a great day!

Susan Heather said…
Lovely - we don't get snow here in the north of New Zealand - 27° celsius here today.
We hardly ever get snow, just flurries or an inch.
Unknown said…
Glad your snow didn't disappoint. I'd sure like some here. We have rain in the forecast but no snow :-(