Winter Funny



That is RIGHT! Give me minus forty over big hairy spiders, snakes and other creepy crawlers ANY DAY!
P.S. And it IS a dry cold!
Mary V said…
I cannot get that spider photo out of my mind…eeeeeeeeeeek.
Susan said…
I'll take the cold/snow any day. No thank you to the warm climate bugs. My Northeaster is coming this weekend, 18-24+ inches. Yes!
Rain said…
I JUST SAID THAT TO SOMEONE's a "dry cold" ha ha ha ha! BUT IT IS!!!
We actually use the dry cold too :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
All are absolutely right on the money.
Unknown said…
I would take a -40 degree day over those spiders any day. If I saw all those spiders on my ceiling I'd pass out and their would be no reviving me, or I'd run for the hills and never come back.
SickoRicko said…
These are terrific! I can deal with spiders, not the cold.