A Birthday and a Blueberry Cake

Today is my husband's birthday and it is also going to be 95 degrees.  The W's, nor the rest of us, like this kind of weather.  The humidity is off the charts.  My Daughter and I thought and thought about what we can do for a birthday celebration on a day like this. Then, I came up with a good idea.

She would make his favorite cake and I would make one of his favorite meals...spaghetti and meatballs.

Later this afternoon we will blast the A/C in the new TV room at the guest house, turn down the lights, give the W's their frozen yogurt and then we will all watch The Godfather while we eat spaghetti and have this wonderful cake for dessert.  The pups will love napping on the cool cement floor.  My daughter has never seen the godfather and my husband hasn't seen it since it first came out.  I have seen it about a hundred times! Plus, we really should test out the new big TV and the new A/C!

This blueberry cake recipe is from 1886 and it seems like I've been making it that long.  This is the first time My Daughter made it and it came out perfectly.

My girl is such an awesome baker and she makes cakes like no one I have ever known.

It's Perfect!   Since this hasn't been cut yet I can't show you the inside but wait...I will find one from my blog.

Here it is!  If you want to try this recipe, click on this link for a step by step:  http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/2012/07/blueberry-cake-for-4th-of-july.html

There really is no other cake like this.  It is not overly sweet and is moist and dense and oh so blueberry.  Stay cool wherever you are!


Can I use my frozen strawberries for this cake? Or, do they have to be fresh? I love a dense cake.
I meant blueberries. I just woke up...lol.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
no! you have to use fresh or it will be a mess. this is a tricky cake with a heavy batter. you really can't substitute. sorry!
Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration! Happy bday to your husband. The cake looks magnificent! I'm baking a fresh blueberry crostata tomorrow for a BBQ with friends.
Susan said…
Happy B-day to your husband. The blueberry cake looks outstanding and beautifully decorated. July weather in May is nuts. Your hot weather plans sound perfect. The thick fur coats make life hard on days like this. Thank goodness for cool basement floors to keep tummies cool.
Mike said…
Blueberry anything is good stuff!
Guillaume said…
Oh I remember that cake! I've been wanting to bake it, but never dared for fear of messing it up. Will pick up the courage to fo it. I want Wolfie to enjoy it. And blueberry is the fruit of my region, the Saguenay.
Mike said…
I was at the store this evening and there was a blueberry pie staring at me. It's now in my freezer. But not for long.
Unknown said…
Aside from the dreadful 95 degree day, spaghetti and meatballs, your daughter's delicious cake and The Godfather all sound great. Happy Birthday to your hubby. Hope he had a simply wonderful birthday.
Leanna said…
Hey Darlin. That cake looks soooooooooo good! I have to try it.
It's late here in South Central Texas. The heat index was 107 for us Saturday. It's 1:28 am Sunday and we are in the middle of a nice rain/thunderstorm from a front that is passing through. Y'all should be getting something this morning too. Hope it helps to cool y'all off.