A Fun Party

The party plans turned out very well.  As the temps soared outside, I jacked up the A/C and made the spaghetti.  My Daughter queued up The Godfather.

We settled in for movie time and mangia.

The blueberry cake was wonderful.

It's such a delightful cake and she made it perfectly.  This is another baton I can pass off to her.  

The pups had a big bowl of ice water and they settled right in for a cool afternoon nap.

Willie found his spot, go figure.

After the movie we took them back out to the garden.  This is a pick of Winnie from the day before when she chased a groundhog under the witch shed.  He had been devouring my newly planted celery when she returned from a walk and surprised him.  It took an hour to get her to give up the hunt and I immediately shoved everything I could find to block off access so she could not crawl underneath.

Here she is yesterday looking at us as if to ask, who put all of this junk under here.  Tomorrow, big rocks will be placed around the shed.  Sorry Winnie, safety first.



I would be hard-pressed to decide which was best, spaghetti or cake. Happy Birthday!
Sounds like a great celebration! I'm sure "The Godfather" was a big hit too.
Susan said…
Great celebration with a wonderful meal and B-day cake. It sounds perfect. Oh no, Winnie seems to pride herself a huntress. Safety first is important and the big rocks should do the trick.
Guillaume said…
There is never a bad time to enjoy The Godfather. And was it Clemenza's pasta sauce recipe? It looks like it. That is my idea of a great time: watching The Godfather eating pasta (and that famous recicpe, with meatballs and sausages), then have that dessert. Or... have the pasta meatball recipe as dinner, have that cake for dessert and play Call of Cthulhu.
Unknown said…
That cake looks absolutely delicious. They remind me of the Chantilly cakes they sell at Whole Foods. Those are two of my husband's favorite things: Spaghetti and The Godfather. I love the way Willie is sleeping facing the wall. Doesn't look very comfy. I guess he's kind of tunneling. LOL
DrumMajor said…
What a nice party! I didn't know the W's breed did anything but grow fur. Yep, a W stuck under the shed wouldn't be very good. Linda in Kansas
JustGail said…
I saw The Godfather when it was released. Don't know what my parents were thinking, as I was 12(?). I doubt they had any clue what was coming though. The scene where the actress was topless was shocking enough, but that horse head scene - I woke up screaming that night. Not a good scene for a horse-crazy girl.

That cake looks really yummy!