Decorating the Guest House

The work on the guest house is never ending but at least now I am in the decorating stage of the basement. This is the TV room with the huge sofa from Anthropologie. This room is very long and narrow and since it is the main TV room, I needed a big sofa and found this brown suede one that fits perfectly and provides a lot of sitting room. This room also is decorated in a Southwestern theme.  It's not complete but I'm working on that! The open door is the new bathroom which is the only one on this floor.

Except for a few small touches, it is complete.

Click on any pic to enlarge. 

I really like how it turned out.

My Daughter bought me the black snake ring holder and tray for Xmas last year....perfect. I love the vanity from Restoration Hardware.

I had to add one of these A/C units to each basement room and though they aren't very attractive, they are better than the alternative. The pocket door leads back out to the TV room.

The big TV piece is also from Restoration Hardware and used to be at The Blog Tech's house but they didn't want it when they moved. Now I'm so glad they didn't take it!  Ha!

The door at the back is the backside of my Murphy door which leads to the mudroom.

I found a place to hang my witch painting on that back wall. 

I finally found a place for my antique German apothecary cabinet.  I think I moved this 5 times during this project before I found it's permanent home. The drum came from Taos, NM.

This is the cabinet that I keep stocked with candy for everyone and anyone to dip into.  Each drawer is filled with different types of candy and candy bars.  It never takes long for adults or children to find out about this cabinet and everyone is delighted by a visit to it.  There are no rules and everyone can take what they want.  My great niece and nephew love this cabinet but there are a lot of adults that might love it even more.  What can I candy is a real draw! It's almost totally filled and I continue to look for unusual treats to add to it.

I'm still tweaking the kitchen but it is also close to being finished.

The shelves are filling up fast.

I've hung some cookware on the pot rack.  With all of the pipes and wires you might wonder how I know which one is the pot rack!  It's the only one that isn't painted white.  It was actually added just for this purpose.  Hard to believe I added another pipe, eh?

I am still playing with the living area and I think it is about to change. I moved my big Black Forest wood carvings from the walls by the window and am going to hang them on the front porch. I had them hanging out there and really loved them in that location but then the masons started sawing sandstone and everything was covered in sand dust.  For now, they are laying on the dining room table. I hung brighter pieces of art in their place and I think the furniture in this area will be moved to another location and new pieces will be placed here. The doors on either side of this room open to the expansive front porch.  I love opening them and letting the breeze blow through the house.

This is the other side of the main room which is separated by the center fireplaces. The furniture in this room might change too.

One of the reasons for the delay is that I can't move anything else in here until this part of the project is completed.  New steps have to be poured as well as the driveway and sidewalk.  However, these are two of my new sandstone columns which will hold the entry gates. There is a set of these on the front of the house on both sides. I am waiting for the caps for them to arrive and then they will be topped with iron arches and I will be growing climbing roses over them.

You can see the planters I had built next to the columns.  I'm hoping to plant hydrangeas in there too.  Tomorrow I will show you more of the garden and what i've been planting.  This is why you haven't been seeing much food on this blog recently.  I am busy!


Everything looks fab! Love that huge semicircular couch in the TV room -- what a find! And the apothecary cabinet looks wonderful there. Of course, the drum caught my eye immediately!
Megs said…
Jaw-dropping! I love the how you handled the ceilings, love the bathroom, furniture, and Taos drum! Love the art, including the picture of Willie, or is it Winnie?
Jan said…
Wow, I think it all turned out amazing. Everything looks like its been made just for this space. I'm in love with the kitchen. You should give cooking lessons there. Great space.
Looks really good!

Have a great day!

Mary Bolton said…
Thank you for sharing. Looks FABULOUS!
Kathryn said…
Beautiful. Kudos to you !
Unknown said…
It's obvious you've been busy but it looks like you're having fun too with all the decorating, moving furniture etc. Everything is looking wonderful. I can tell you're an awesome person when you say things like "there are no rules and everyone can take what they want" in relation to all the candy in your apothecary cabinet. That's so nice and welcoming and I bet people love to visit you.
Valerie said…
What a wonderful living space! Kudos!
love love the place. that sofa is awesome, not to mention everything else.
Rain said…
Joyce, everything looks so amazing, you're such a good decorator...and a good project manager, after all this was all YOUR vision! I love the tv room, everything works perfectly together. And that vanity! Matches the terlet!!! ☺
DVArtist said…
Wow this is just gorgeous. All that work has paid off.
Guillaume said…
Your guest house looks nicer than our own house.