The City of Brotherly Love

The Blog Tech has a summer internship in Philadelphia and he and My Daughter in Law and Ziggy headed off on Tuesday to settle in before it starts.  They were very excited.  I packed up lots of food for them to take along.

They rented a row house close to downtown.  They have their own stoop!

Ziggy greets everyone that walks by.

Chinatown is not far from their place and I bet they will spend a lot of time there.

The Blog Tech is rockin' a stash.  I'm hoping it is a short lived faze but everyone else likes it.

They are exploring the city and he keeps sending me architecture pics which I love.

The Rocky statue which stands in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art is just  a few blocks away from their place.

There's that musstash again!

Hi Ziggy.

Ziggy is in his element.  He loves exploring new places and he loves people and so far, Philadelphia loves him.

A big bowl of water.

And maybe a quick swim.  Hopefully The Blog Tech will send many more pics and we can follow them on this adventure.


Sounds like a wonderful adventure for all concerned! The moustache isn't TOO bad, Mom!
Megs said…
What great pictures! Tell them to try Federal Donutd for donuts and fried chicken, and anything in the Reading Terminal Market, lots of great Asian food there.
Susan said…
Phillie is a wonderful city and they will enjoy their time exploring all that the city has to offer. Ziggy looks like he's having fun too. He's found some good water bowls and swimming pools! The new facial hair is probably just a phase. Truth be told, they are a very good looking couple!
Guillaume said…
Rocky is almost like a real historical figure at this point.
Unknown said…
What a fun adventure for the three of them.
Kathryn said…
Ok Blog tech is another word for son. check
Mary V said…
Try Ralph”s Restaurant, oldest Italian restaurant in America.