The Toy Woods

When I was a little girl, I lived across the street from a big woods.  To get to the big woods, we had to cross through "the toy woods'.  This was a small patch of woods next to my neighbors house and all of us kids played in it a lot.  I don't know who actually named it but everyone in my little circle referred to it this way.  I loved that little woods and it was a big, wonderful part of my childhood. Wherever I've lived over the years, if I wasn't near a woods, it just didn't feel right.  So, living in the city, when I had the chance to built my own toy woods, I did it.  And now it even has it's own little sign.

Maybe one day I will have grandchildren that will play in this toy woods.  The W's sure enjoy it.
There's one of them now!  She is sitting up high looking down on the woods waiting for something to move.  Winnie and Willie spend so much time here that they have created their own little paths throughout.

I've planted many roses in the lower garden and they are all just starting to bloom.

It's so relaxing to sit in this woods and listen to the water running through the creek from pond to pond.

The mountain laurels are about to bloom.

Over the years, I've planted most of the plants the grew in the original toy woods. I have all sorts of ferns and hosta's, blood root, bluebells, jack in the pulpits, mayflowers, trilliums and blackberries, just to name a few.

This is a huge weeping beech tree.

It sits right above this garden room with the gurgling millstone.

Where the frogs go drink.

The gurgling millstone room sits above my vegetable garden room.  Remember, I on the side of a steep mountain so each room is at a different elevation.

The path that runs from room to room has little areas next to it to sit and take a rest.  Winnie plays Goldilocks and tries each bench out until she finds the perfect one to nap on.  They are all cool and shady and the stone benches must feel good on her little chow chow belly.

The weeping beech tents over another cool area for play.  Soon I will be placing a mushroom table and stools in here.

The path leads up to a gate to the main house.

Faces bearing the '7 Deadly Sins' are scattered throughout The Toy Woods and people have fun looking for them.

The carpenters that are building the new pergola said they love working here because they enjoy the woods so much.



Megs said…
Just beautiful! I loved that you are growing the mountain woods plants, like laurel and trillium.
Mary V said…
You live in an enchanting piece of land. Enjoy the toy woods.
Sharon said…
Is your guest house a separate building or in the basement of your house? Everything is just beautiful.
So beautiful!

Have a great day!

Rain said…
You Toy Woods are glorious. I LOVE that weeping beech, wow, what a gorgeous tree! You really put so much effort into that, no wonder you and the W's find peace there and can relax! I love the ferns! ♥
Susan said…
Your Toy Woods is a beautiful inspiration. Your paths connecting different areas is lovely. I love the various themes presented. The plantings, trees, woodland ferns, ponds and bubbling stream is very zen. Stone benches provide the perfect tummy cooling benches for the W's on a hot summer day! You've thought of everything.
Guillaume said…
Oh I love the Toy Wood! Your grandchildrenwill be so lucky and this will feed their imagination on years to come. They might become writers or artists thanks to you.
DrumMajor said…
You live in HobbitLand! They should be popping out any time! The Ws might scare them though! It's a truly enchanting place. Linda in Kansas
I have loved all the aspects of your property. Now, the Toy Woods is perfect for the woods.
Unknown said…
It looks so beautiful, peaceful and tranquil. You have a little piece of heaven on earth. And it's all yours.
a tranquil place. so beautiful and serene.