November is Coming











My sister was pregnant and on the commode, when I got there. She raised up to show me the blood pouring from her. I said--you are bleeding to death. I took her to ER. I suppose now she would have died! The fetus was stuck in cervix, certainly not viable!
All so great!

You really need to remove those Supreme court judges before they destroy Your country totally!

Leanna said…
These are so freaking good. I love that last one. All of the women that have blogs should post that last one on their blog on their side boards.
Mike said…
Here's another situation to go with the ones mentioned in the second meme.
Mary V said…
Sadly agree with all of them, yes the last one should be posted everywhere.
DVArtist said…
These are all good ones. My entire family with the exception of my grandson and one nephew are maga supporters. I mean to the death. I can't get it through my brain how they don't SEE what is happening. We are all so screwed.