DOJ Do Your Job

 One can only hope. 


Even when Trump's time is up on this earth, he has infested so many minds.

LOL...Maralago must be fun at dinnertime.

Barefoot and pregnant with chores to do. Hopefully, the scales of justice are never dropped or ripped from her hands.
These are all great, Joyce -- I stole the middle one.
Mary V said…
I will say not all men…but some still do not value women .
Guillaume said…
Great ones, as always.

By the way, read this:
DVArtist said…
All good ones but the middle one says it all.
The second one speaks to me. First on hasd me peeing my pants. TMI sorry. Love you diving deep to get the point across with these memes. They make my day. My readership are more religious. So I have to take a different approach to expressing my opinions. Happy Fourth.