For Me, It's Time

Well, I've had it with this endless Summer even though it's barely started.  We've had highs in the upper 90's for weeks and constant sunshine.  This is one of my worst nightmares. In case you already don't know this....I hate summer!

So each year, just after the 4th of July, I prepare for Fall.  It helps me deal with this weather.

I say....smudge Summer!

This morning, I am making pumpkin French toast for my husband.

And sunflowers will be placed on my front door.

I'll build evening fires in my fire pit.

I'll dust off one of my witch hats.

And as soon as pumpkins and mums are available, I will start decorating my front porch.

Good soups will be made when there is the slightest drop in temperature.

Each day, as I sip my morning tea, I will plan out my Fall to do list.

Slowly but surely, little touches of Autumn will appear around my house.

As shorter days and cooler temps arrive, the W's will slowly awaken.  They spend a lot of time sleeping in front of fans during this time of the year.

I know a lot of you enjoy Summer so sweat on my friends.  This cold weather lover is spending these Summer months dreaming and planning for Fall.



I don't just enjoy summer, I love summer! Do you have air conditioning? If not, get it and use it. It won't make you enjoy summer, but maybe bear it better. As I grow older the heat is less tolerable, but I would not trade the heat and sunshine for the world. Fall and Winter do have their charms, but not enough for me to enjoy the short days and dreary weather.

You will get your heart's desire in a few months.
aBell said…
Kindred spirits we are. I never complain about the cool, the cold, the snow, the ice. I love a rainy day. My daughter thinks I have seasonal disorder, but the opposite of others. Give me a misty, moist cool day and I thrive. Thank you for today’s post and photos of dreamy autumnal things to come.
Enjoy your Fall planning!
Leanna said…
I brought out a crystal pumpkin and put it on the coffee table. I have tiny pumpkin figurines that I've been putting here and there. All Witches think alike. 87 days until the Halloween Month fest (All of October). *cackle* evil giggle*
One of the many reasons I follow your blog is I can't stand summer and count the days until fall, my favorite time of the year. I have health issues that get much more painful in the heat, plus I don't like the bugs. Give me cool days,chilled mornings and leaves falling. This spring and early summer have been unseasonably cooler and wetter and I'm cherishing every moment as we will get up to the 100s for most of July August til mid September here in Southern Oregon.
Mary V said…
I am with you, summer looks good on paper. I look forward to fall soups and the first fire in the fireplace.
Susan said…
If it wasn't for tomatoes, I would skip it completely.
Susan said…
High heat is definitely oppressive. The cool of Fall will be greatly welcomed.
Theresa N. said…
Love all the fall pictures. Went to work this morning and it was hot ever where in the building, but the boss office.
Guillaume said…
I feel you. And I completely agree. I walked to school today to get Wolfie, and I fell awfully sweaty even though it's not even a heatwave. I hate summer too. So I am starting to prepare for autumn and Halloween. As soon as I finishr eading the novel I'm reading, I will start my horror stories read. Should be by mid-July, hopefully at this time the temperatures will be cooler.
DrumMajor said…
With 104 heat index in Kansas City, I've been bringing in my tropical hibiscus pot because it fries otherwise. Like a pet, I let it out in the morning sun, then bring it in. I don't like it this hot. Nauseating. Linda in Kansas
Unknown said…
I love the first day of summer on June 21st so I can start counting down the days to it being over. We lose a minute of sunlight each day and that makes me so happy. Our temps aren't too bad and we're getting lots of rain so it kinda has a Fall vibe on some days. But even still, I want the real Fall. It's coming! Let's start counting down.
I'm with you 100%. In fact just yesterday i bought a wooden pumpkin that opens and has shelves inside. Then came on and lit a pumpkin candle. t's time to bring on autumn and all it entails.
came HOME not on. Auto correct be damned.