Fall Food

We had a couple of cool days and I was instantly in a Fall cooking mood.  I made these Tuscan pork sandwiches which are delicious and will be made often. I hollowed out a baguette leaving about an inch of the bread and brushed it with some truffle mustard, and olive oil infused with fresh herbs from my garden.  I mixed in some shredded Romano cheese too.  Then I browned a pork tenderloin which was generously rubbed with sea salt and cracked black pepper.  Lay the pork inside the baguette and tie it down the length of the loaf.  Brush this with garlic butter and bake at 375 degrees or until it registers 165 on a thermometer. 

Let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

Slice it into 1-2 inch pieces. Yum!

You must use pork tenderloin because other cuts are not tender enough for this sandwich.
I made a wonderful loaf of pumpkin bread too.

And, to make sure everyone was feeling Fall, I made maple glazed pumpkin fritters.


Megs said…
A great fall meal!
Mary V said…
Not a meat eater..but bread and fritters. Yes please! They are made from vegetables so good for you , right?
Susan said…
The cooler weather with some rain is so welcomed. Your Fall cooking looks amazing and delicious.
Guillaume said…
Oh I cannot wait for the temperatures to drop! I need my autumn food!
Unknown said…
Those sandwiches look amazing. I can only imagine how delicious they were. And those maple glazed pumpkin fritters? Yum. They scream Autumn. Maple is one of my favorite flavors. We're gonna be in the 70's both Saturday and Sunday with dangerous flooding. Lots of rain expected here. It's been crazy rainy all summer.