The Amish

My Daughter and I headed to Amish country north of us yesterday, rather than hitting up Mennonite country to the west which is where we usually go.  Quite honestly, inflation has hit Mennonite shopping  and it is just too expensive right now.

I had a feeling it would not be that way with the Amish and I was right.

I'm glad I am too busy this year to can but it sure was tempting.

We so many buggies.

It must have been shopping day because most of the buggies were driven by wives with their children.

The parking lot.

I know it was wash day because many of the farms hang their wash to dry on a line that runs from the top of their barn down to their house.

Busting at the seams with children.

The Amish do not use the machines that form the big hay bails but rather form them by hand using a pitch fork.

They are little works of art.

We stopped at this farm to buy vegetables and watermelon and saw beautiful quilts drying.

An Amish man on a wagon.

 We stopped at many roadside stands and found corn for 4.00 a dozen and eggs for 2.50 a dozen.  These prices are higher than we paid just last year but still so much cheaper than what the Mennonites are charging.  I buy 10-12 dozen of eggs at a time so it matters. I live in corn country and am used to paying no more then 4.00 for 13 ears of corn so seeing it go up to twice that much was a bit of a shock.  It's nice to get it at the normal price.  I cook the corn and cut it off of the cob and freeze it.  It's wonderful to have farm fresh Summer corn all winter long.

If you enlarge this you can see an Amish woman walking from her barn towards her house. We spent the day driving from farm to farm and just taking in all of the beautiful sights.  It felt like a mini vacation.


Megs said…
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Megs said…
What great pictures! I’ve seen the price increase here with the Mennonites, still cheaper than the store, but buying direct from the Amish the cheapest. We are canning tomatoes this year, after a couple years off. Strawberries and peaches were already canned. The peaches this year were fabulous for canning, we couldn’t find our regular variety, so used another. Can’t remember the names, lol. I love to drive through the Amish and Mennonite farms.
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures. Really makes me long for autumn.
Kathryn said…
I'm confident behind that barn are rows of hundreds of dogs in cages.

The dogs in these Amish mills are treated like livestock. They will spend their entire lives in a cage, being bred until they can longer produce.

Missouri and the Amish are the the leading puppy mill producers in the country

The barn you photographed could be breeding chow chows.

The Pet Store Myth
When you buy a puppy in a pet store, it does not save that puppy. It perpetuates a cycle of cruelty and supports the puppy mill industry.
DrumMajor said…
Would have loved to be on your little vacation. But I would've bought too much food. I didn't know they hung their clothing so high. Guess the birds know not to mess with the clean wash! Linda in Kansas
Megs said…

“The barn you photographed could be breeding chow chows.”
Kathryn, I don’t know about breeding chow chows, but I guarantee you, they were making chow chow.
Seriously, while puppy mills are a serious problem, don’t judge a whole culture by some members of it. Most Amish farms are not puppy mills.
Mike said…
"I buy 10-12 dozen of eggs at a time..."

Do you resell to kids for egging parties? 😄
Kathryn said…
Actually Megs if you do your research you'll learn the puppy capital of the world is the PA Amish.

Most Amish farms are puppy millers look at the thousands registered with the state of Pennsylvania

Dee said…
Going out to our Amish area isn't cost effective for us right now with gas being so high. I have to make do with our local farm markets. The produce is lovely, but not inexpensive.

However, fresh produce is certainly worth it even if corn is a buck an ear.
DVArtist said…
You are so fortunate to have a place like to shop. The closest Amish place to me is about 6 hours away. Glad you were able to shop there. Have a nice evening.