The W's Go Pumpkin Shopping

We have the cutest local Flower shop just a couple of blocks away.  They held a Fall festival last weekend and Willie and Winnie attended it.

The have a tendencey to plant themselves wherever there is foot traffic hoping to be petted.

They watch for people approaching and then put on their desperate, needy, I'm a neglected puppy look which all translates to 'please pet me'.  Most times people oblige.

Willie found what he thought might be a new friend.

He loves little kids but just couldn't figure out why this one wouldn't play with him even though he put on his neediest look.

He sat there waiting for some movement.

He finally gave up on the unfriendly child.


And for your viewing pleasure.


That's the best jack-o-lantern of all!
Rain said…
Willie is so cute! ♥♥
Mary V said…
I agree best pumpkin carving !!!!
Megs said…
Poor Willie! He tried his best to get petted!
bobbie said…
LOVE the jack-o-lantern!!!
That is so funny that he could not figure out the child who did not move.
Susan said…
That's clever - a jailed pumpkin inside a pumpkin. Did you notice the hair on the jailed pumpkin? I hope the W's met some friendly people while at the festival.
How beautifully groomed! Love the mane - looks like a lion.
Guillaume said…
Sweet story. I love all the pictures. Gosh we need more Halloween around here.
DrumMajor said…
Love the W's adventure. He's probably still thinking about that really quiet kid. Nice view of the political orange man. Linda in Kansas
Unknown said…
Willie looking at that little scarecrow and wanting him to give him some attention is so funny. Okay, so far that jack-o-lantern is my favorite. We can only hope.
Winnie and Willie were precious. Intriguing lovefest between Willie and scarecrow. feeling rebuffed he moved on. so cute.