Jim Gath 

Okay, so - let me get this right……
This guy, McGonigal, was head of counterintelligence for the FBI’s New York field office. Pretty big, important national security job, I’d say.
And he was arrested on Saturday & indicted today on four charges ranging from violating U.S. sanctions against Russia to laundering money for this oligarch, Oleg Deripaska.
And this Deripaska was Paul Manafort’s good buddy, especially during the 2016 Presidential campaign. And, Deripaska has also been on U.S. intelligence agencies’ radar for years as a probable Russian spy.
Do I have that right, so far?
That one of the top guys in U.S. intelligence was in cahoots with a Russian spy?
And that this McGonigal guy was appointed to his post by Jim Comey a couple of months before the ‘16 election &, two weeks before the election, Comey announced that McGonigal’s investigation into potential Russian election interference turned up no evidence of it?
Is that all about right?
Yeah, it is.
So, regarding some of the U.S. intelligence aparatus, the words of Apollo 13 astronaut, Jim Lovell, come to mind:
“Houston - we have a problem.”


Marcia LaRue said…
It looks like our entire government needs a thorough cleaning up and replacing of ALL members with extreme vetting of every potential member.
And ... ban all military grade guns! If other countries can do it, so can the U.S.
Mary V said…
My apologies to cute mice…but don’t they say if you see one you have 10 more. Well this applies here, our government need a good extermination. Start over agin, vetting everyone yearly by independent companies and not the same each year. We want no friends vetting friends! Yes to banning military grade weapons!