He can promise it, but is American government now too dysfunctional to be able to deliver it?
Marcia LaRue said…
Biden's speech was fantastic!
Gov. Huckabee was a doomsday spiel for a solid 15 minutes! It was as bad as Thing 45's doomsday speech at his swearing in thing!
Biden has laid out a plan ... what has the Republinuts done? As usual, nothing!
If Biden can fulfill all of the promises he made last night, it will be because he gets help from BOTH sides! The ignorant Right will fight him!
Mary V said…
WE certainly need an adult in the room, what brats and ill mannered republicans. All McCarthy did was mildly shake his head, he has no power to control the mob. I was ashamed of Congress.
I thought a fight was going to occur with people like MTG shouting out that Biden was a liar. Green and Britt are crazy women! And, people are backing them.
Unknown said…
Republicans heads must be exploding? I'm okay with that. I wish they would literally explode. They're all useless anyway.
Susan said…
JB is a pro and handled things superlatively. Let them all explode. No loss there!