A Forest Bedroom

I finished another bedroom at The Old Stonehouse.  I loved the kilim bedroom that I recently decorated  and I decided to make each bedroom as unique and as welcoming as possible.  I decided to decorate this one in a forest theme. This is an old canopy bed that I bought in the early 80's in Port Credit, Ontario.  It was originally my daughter's bed but it has spent time in different bedrooms over the years as well as a long stay in one of my garages.  I think it has finally found it's forever home. 


The dresser to the right of the bed is from France.

My husband and I bought this trunk at an antique shop before we were married and it holds my quilt collection. The bear footstool came from a shop in Taos, New Mexico.

A felted witch hat hangs on this old Black Forest coat tree. You can see Teddy's portrait sitting on top of the small chest on the French cabinet. I miss that sweet pup.

The base of the coat tree is meant to hold umbrellas and has a growling bear climbing the tree.  This room is rather dark and it is difficult to get good pics and colors.  The walls are a rich velvet brown.

The quilt on the bed is forest green velvet and the coverlet on the bottom is moss green.

One of my favorite paintings hangs over the headboard. It was painted in the mid 1800's.

My pyrography cabinet sits on top of this Patina piece.

It depicts a witch stirring her potion and she is surrounded by toads, lizards and imps.

Vintage boudoir lamps sit on either side of it. I bought this chest a long time ago and I sure wish I knew the story behind it.

The canopy is covered in ferns and ivy and twinkling lights.

A witch hat I made a few years ago sits on the old wooden trunk.

 I probably could have done without a rug because the original wooden floors are wonderful but I found one that I thought complimented the room and I like it.  Eventually, I will move a few more pieces of furniture in here and hang more art but for now, another room is done!


Love how you've created a witchy forest atmosphere in this room! Especially love the canopy with its greenery and twinkle lights, bedding, cushions and the old painting!
Jan said…
I love the room. It is beautiful and the canopy is over the top. LOL
Such a welcoming room.
Megs said…
So beautiful, foresty, like an oasis. I love the cabinet, so interesting. All of the pieces are so neat.
Susan said…
This room is lovely and the stories behind many of the pieces are fantastic. The soft forest palate juxtaposed with touches of exotica is brilliant.
I read "pornography cabinet."
The room is so moody. Love it.
Susan said…
Love the Forest Bedroom, perfect in every way!
Teacats said…
Grew up in Port Credit! LOVE the forest Bedroom!

Jan at rosemary Cottage
Marcia said…
Is this house going to be a BnB? You do a great job with decorating.
Unknown said…
That dresser from France and the painting above the headboard are my favorites. Even with the beautiful wooden floors that rug is a great addition.
Gemmagirl said…
You’ve created such magic. But it’s a small world. I grew up in the town next to Port Credit. Then it was called Cooksville, now Mississauga. Port Credit still has a bit of charm but a lot has been replaced with those mega mansions.
DrumMajor said…
An amazing, enchanting place. Looks perfect for some official Hobbits or Elves to visit! Linda in Kansas
Guillaume said…
I love that bedroom.