A Spring Market

We left at the crack of dawn yesterday to go to one of our favorite Spring markets.  It's in Amish country and it opens at 7:00am and is a two hour drive each way.  The drive is glorious and goes right through small town America.  A perfect trip for Memorial Day weekend.  Except for the Trump signs but I won't ruin this post by going there.

The market is in a small town at the foot of the mountains.

This was a first, an Amish guy driving a tractor.  I guess some Amish are now allowed to drive gas vehicles? 

There were lots of vendors selling all sorts of crafts and antiques.

An Amish woman handling the cash!

This woman was buying rugs woven from old jeans and overalls.  

There's always a great selection of plants and flowers.

A box of bunnies. I almost had to drag My Daughter away from them.

Sorry for the glare.  These Amish guys were selling beautiful handing baskets.

A typical Amish house.

The drive alone was worth the trip. We were up and down the steepest  mountains and our ears were popping all the way.

We saw so many people trout fishing. 

You never know what you might see in these tiny towns.  A BIG dinosaur in a front yard!

I brought home a large selection of succulents.  And they were only 2.00 each!  Such a fun day!


You would have had to drag me away from that box o' bunnies too!
Marcia LaRue said…
I love all of those houses ... that first yellow one with the wrap-around porch ... Oh, my!
Perhaps the driver of the tractor, mowing the edge of that roadway, is Mennonite rather then Amish. It can be difficult to tell them apart.
My God ... That vendor venue is HUGE!! The cacti are so cute ... I hope they all flourish for you!!
You managed not to show any Trump signs! The drive up does look beautiful. I thought for many years I was buying chicks from Amish and bought at an Amish bakery. Then, I found out I was wrong all along and so were the people who sent me there. Love the white bunnies.
Megs said…
Aren’t those town’s beautiful? And the drives.
T. Rose said…
Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful experiences so we can live vicariously through them with you.
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures. I love these kinds of markets. My favourite are of course the autumn ones. We have a farmer's market every first Saturday of the month here. We don't go often enough.
Eileen in Fla. said…
I noticed only one Trump sign on a recent drive through the Florida panhandle.
Hope this is a sign of things to come.