Cooking For a Birthday

My two friends that live down the street from me were throwing a party for a friend of theirs whose mother was turning 91 yesterday. A sweet gesture.  The problem is, they can't cook and they are both huge germ-a-phobes.  They were telling me how they might buy individual packages of crackers and trail mix so people wouldn't have to serve themselves from the same bowls.  I just couldn't imagine this so I offered to make the food.  Of course, they loved this idea. I, as usual, forgot to take pics so I am using some from the internet and some from past posts of mine.  I made my sun-dried tomato pasta salad and packed it in small take out containers that could be disposed of after eating out of them. My daughter wrapped disposable utensils in colorful napkins.

I made my creamy potato and chive salad and packed it in small insulated soup containers to keep it cold.
I cut up my pressed Italian sandwiches and wrapped each one in waxed paper.

I made a wonderful fruit salad with a honey lime dressing and put it in plastic cups with lids.

These girls (all 12 of them) are chocoholics so I made my double chocolate brownies and wrapped them each in small waxed bags.

My Daughter made decadent chocolate cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting.  We included one candle for the 91 year old birthday girl so she could blow it out without blowing (germs) over all of the other cupcakes.

I don't know any of the people attending, except for the two hosts, but I am betting that they enjoyed themselves.



You are so generous with your help and food -- your daughter is too!
Mary V said…
You are an amazing neighbor! Everything looks delicious, and your daughter’s cupcakes yum!
DrumMajor said…
You are so kind and thoughtful for the folks at the birthday party. I'm just wondering, after all of your efforts for individual serving containers, did any of them wear masks? Were they all vaxxed? Sigh. It's an interesting world out there. Hope it didn't turn into a covid party. Bet they had fun and weren't hungry when they left! Linda in Kansas
Megs said…
What a sweet thing to do, and everything looks good.
Marcia said…
How sweet to tackle the refreshments and package them individually to allay the germ concerns.
I wanted to eat the screen when I saw the pasta salad. I wondered about masks, too. Have these women friends ever been married? You are amazing.
Guillaume said…
Everything looks so delicious.
Mystica said…
Blessings to you and your family. You are all kind hearted.