Roses In The Garden

Many years ago, I planted roses in the guest house garden. The have been sorely neglected over the years until this year when I drastically trimmed them.  To my surprise, they  responded to the trimming and are healthier than they've been since they were first planted. I planted this rose just this Spring and I really like it.  It buds out a deep apricot.

Then it turns almost peach.

Then yellow.

And lastly, almost white before it drops it's petals.

This is a mini red rose.  I love it's glossy leaves.

Some of my roses are just about to open.

But most of my old plants are covered in buds.

This is one of my favorites, Morden Sunrise.

It's so delicate and the colors are so beautiful.

I have so many bushes planted and they are all different colors. Many years ago, I had my fortune read by a gypsy in Ireland. I had to climb into her horse drawn gypsy trailer to have my palm read.  She told me she saw me surrounded by roses.  I was very young and had no interest in gardening at the time so I didn't think much of it.  Yet ere I am, surrounded by roses.

 She never mentioned Baptisia!


Bee Haven Bev said…
Baptisms is my favorite. I added two new colors of it this year!
I don't know much about roses, but I DO know that Morden roses are Canadian hybrids developed by the federal government at its agricultural Research Station in Morden, Manitoba, just south of Winnipeg. They were developed to withstand our cold Canadian winters, but also to thrive in warm and humid summers. Glad you have some in your garden!
They are all so beautiful. I would love to have roses. We had yellow climbing roses at home.
Marcia LaRue said…
The roses are all beautiful and to keep them flourishing, they do need to be pruned back rather severely every so often.
Guillaume said…
A rose, by any other name...
T. Rose said…
I love roses! Thank you for sharing these pictures.