Happy Happy

My Daughter and I were out shopping yesterday and on a hunch, we went to At Home to see if we just might find some things we are very interested in seeing....The start of Halloween!  And guess what?, they were just starting to put it out!!!

For the Fall lovers that we are, we just couldn't believe our eyes.  

I know it's early and I agree.  I am not about to decorate just yet.

Well, decorate anymore than this witch house usually is.

But this means that slowly but surely my favorite time of the year starts to show up.  It is only 11 days to solstice when the dark begins to return.

We have so many good ideas for this fall that it is hard to contain ourselves.

If you didn't see something in the above pics that you like, don't worry, there is a lot more coming.  There were many empty shelves.  I prefer to make my own decorations and will start doing that soon.
There was actually more Halloween stuff out than Fall but I am sure that will change soon.  Halloween 2023, I have my eye on you!


Holy Moly, it's only June! Sweet Halloween dreams, you two!
I love the boot planter. Or, is that for dead flowers? It is all amazing.
Guillaume said…
Oh I envy you! I won't see anything like this here any time soon.
Unknown said…
It is definitely a tad bit early to start thinking about Fall, but give me 11 more days until solstice and I am all over it. LOL I hate these ridiculously long days and just love that we lose a minute of sunlight each day when solstice hits. Whooo Hooo!!