Scape Season


We drove out to the country to hit up farm stands and country markets to see what is available right now.  At this time of the year, we should be finding local produce.  I found some nice asparagus but not much else.  We haven't had measurable rain in almost 6 weeks and there is none on the horizon.  Corn is about an inch high and it should be about 7 inches high right now.  No one has carrots and the few beets I saw where very small.  This is going to be a horrible summer for farmers if we don't get a lot of rain soon.  I am watering twice a day and it is barely helping.  I've planted so many perennials and I am working hard to keep them alive.  We saw the first hay cut of the summer and it might be the last if it stays this dry.

I was very happy to find garlic scapes though. Prices here are awfully high on everything so I was pleased to find bags holding about 25 scapes for 2.25.  I bought a couple and returned home excited to use them.

The first thing I made was scape butter. I will use it in omelets and other egg dishes but the best way to preserve them is to make butter. I put the fresh scapes in a food processor and mince them.  Then I mix them with sea salt and softened butter.  A cup of scapes, one cup of butter  and about 2 tsp. of flaky sea salt.

I form them into bars and wrap them several times with plastic wrap.

You have to make sure to squeeze out any air bubbles.

Then, I place them in a ziplock freezer bag and they will keep in the freezer until next scape season.  I use these in sauces and soups, mixed into pasta dishes, added to eggs dishes and use them as a spread on freshly baked bread.  They are in the freezer now next to my ramp butter which I made about a month ago. 


Kathryn said…
Good morning.
I remember when you did this last year
Glad you're resupplied with scape butter. And I hope your area gets lots of rain soon to salvage the growing season.
Leanna said…
We're going through El Nino which means wet in the south and dry up north. Don't know how long it will last but it's nice for us in Texas.
Guillaume said…
Looks delicious.
Megs said…
So nice to see your scrape butter. I’m worried about the lack of rain, too.