I finally planted the succulents that I bought at the Amish market recently.  I had this old copper birdbath which I hadn't used in years and it made the perfect planter for them. I made some holes for drainage and filled the bottom of the dish with pebbles and then soil of top of them.

I placed it in the middle of the new bed I created when we removed the tree from this spot.  These should grow really well here since this area gets partial sun. I put some heavy stones on the base and am hoping it keeps this from tipping over. I like it much better used as a planter than as a birdbath.


Looks good! And wow, what a nice hosta beside it!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
that hosta is the one plant i left i that area. hopefully, the others will catch up to it next year.
Mary V said…
What will you do when winter comes? Does the top of birdbath come off to take inside?
I love the birdbath planter. I especially love the look of hostas. Your yard is so spectacular.
Guillaume said…
Looks good. In French, succulent means yummy.