We headed to the highlands early yesterday morning in search of pumpkins.

Because of so little rain this summer, there have been rumors of a pumpkin shortage.  Just shoot me now!

We drove and drove and finally came across this meager offering.  We checked them out but they were already soft in places so we passed.

A trusting soul.

We eventually found this farm with pumpkins of all types and much more.

My car was stuffed to the gills by the time we left.

 We returned with over 20 pumpkins, green cornstalks (which are now my new favorites) and bales of straw.  I am almost done decorating.


Mary V said…
Glad you found some, here in RI pumpkins are plentiful. My favorite are goosenecks. I have two ( dried and brown now) from 1980’s. Put by fireplace every fall.
Leanne said…
Looking good! I always enjoy your decorating.
Guillaume said…
Lovely to see pumpkins on sale like this. Great pictures.