Hi Jake!

I thought I was done decorating the guest house for fall but something was missing.  My Daughter and I were reminiscing about past Falls and how we decorated and that is when she mentioned that she missed our old scarecrow, Jake.  It's been at least 15 years since Jake's last visit.  I got to it immediately and brought Jake back.

First, I created his head using heavy linen fabric.  I stuffed it with straw, of course!  Then I made a nose out of a red bandana and sewed it on.

Many hours later and lots of sewing and stuffing and Jake was coming to life.

I sat him on a big pumpkin but his head was slouching. 

A few tweaks and he was straightened out.

I added some large crows to the decorations.

 And one landed on Jake's shoulder.  Please don't tell him but he is not a very scary scarecrow.  In fact, Jake loves crows.


Kathryn said…
Good morning. Last image is fabulous!
Guillaume said…
I love a good scarecrow. Or one that is not scary. As long as he's a scarecrow. Scarecrows are cool and autumnal. Jake is cool.
Unknown said…
Very cool. Gotta love Jake. Our neighbor (now deceased) used to say when we put out our scarecrow in the Fall "who's that guy standing on your porch waving to me every time I drive by?" LOL Every house definitely needs a scarecrow to wave at the neighbors.