The First Snow

We had very cold temps yesterday and got the slightest bit of snow.  The W's were in their element.

Winnie sat at the end of the porch with the wooden gate open and the wind blowing the snow on her.

 She sat like this for the longest time enjoying the awesomeness of winter.  Chow chows and I will take this weather over sun and 90+ weather any day!


Their heavy coats are just MADE for winter, aren't they!
Mary V said…
A bit sad, like a child waiting for enough snow for a snowman.
Leanna said…
It's so lovely. I love the cold weather and so do my puppies. They love staying outside. I can never get them to come inside unless it starts raining.
Linda said…
This is why I love living in the South. But, I am glad your chows and you are thrilled. Now, they don't have to depend on a fan. Cute.
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