Pagan Xmas



We've got good festivals and they know it!
Megs said…
Right! Except pagans tend to be more tolerant!
Teacats said…

The wonderful song "Santa Claus is Pagan too" by Emerald Rose

Jan at rosemary cottage
Guillaume said…
Yup. That's what I ask to Christians asking me why I celebrate Christmas if I'm an atheist. I ask them why they do celebrate it since it is full of Pagan traditions.
Leanna said…
Just the thought of telling Christians that all of their holidays are from Pagan origins makes me smile. The thought of them developing a nasty migraine after I tell them makes me jump for joy. 🎄
Linda said…
Pagan Christmas, quite an oxymoron.

We sent a woman to ER after a friendly conversation in which we told her the Nativity did not happen as depicted. According to the Bible, we told her, Jesus was a child in a home when the wise men came. They had traveled from afar when the star shone, all according to the Bible. My husband was a minister.
The poor woman felt betrayed.