I've only been cooking for about a week after two months of spending 24/7 days with Winnie.  We ate a lot of sandwiches and salads during that time.   I take Willie to see the surgeon today and we will set the date for his surgery.  Another two months of lock down and then 2 months after that for rehab.  I should surface sometime in August.  Anyway, I made pizzas for the first time in a long time yesterday.

I made 3 different kinds and the ramp pizza was the best!  I am almost out of ramps but I have lots of them growing in my garden so next year I might be harvesting my own.  I even found some growing behind my house.  I guess I planted them and forgot about them.

This looks like a train wreck but that's because someone dug into straight out of the oven.  It's  pepperoni, mushroom and onion.

This is what was left of the pups 'crust'.  One of their favorite treats has always been pizza crust.  So, when I make pizza, I always make a mini pizza with just a bit of cheese on it.  They were in heaven.

Winnie never took her eyes off of it.  Look how hairy she is!  She looks like a puffball with a nose.  She hasn't been groomed since January and won't be again until June.  Everything puppies, all the time around here right now.


Glad everyone enjoyed their pizzas!
Mary V said…
Pizza my favorite food, contains all the food groups. What’s not to love?
DrumMajor said…
Oh no, another surgery for Willie? I missed something. Is it another ACL for his other leg? Hope the pizza snack fixes the problem. Linda in Kansas
Guillaume said…
I'm a sucker for good pizza. These look oh so delicious. I'd have the ones with olives.