Before and After

Winnie was groomed yesterday for the first time in 4 months because of her recovery.  You can see what a  wild and crazy girl she was before her appointment!

After 4 hours of grooming!

She is still fluffy but not quite as crazy.

And she still has a fluffy butt.

She also looks a lot thinner!  We still have the construction cardboard down on all of the hardwood floors so the pups have traction when they get up.  We will be living with it until September. I can't wait to see how Willie looks after 4 months of not being groomed.


OMG what a difference! And FOUR HOURS of grooming? Yowza.
Linda said…
Looks like Tommy before I cut his hair.
Guillaume said…
I'm glad I'm not a dog.
Susan said…
Winnie is beautifully coiffed. A very nice Summer cut.
DrumMajor said…
Organized fuzz now! Linda in Kansas
Leanna said…
My goodness, she looks like a lion. So cute after the grooming.
Megs said…
She looked like a lion!