Today starts an entire week of close to 100 degree humid weather.  Just shoot me now!  We are taking the pups out before sunrise to pee and pooh and then they are in the air conditioned house with fans blowing on them for the rest of the day.  Winnie rolled in the cool grass this morning. That grass won't be cool for long!  Tomorrow is Willie's 2 month checkup.  Two more months to go!  We have been at this for almost 6 months.


I hope Willie's checkup tomorrow goes well. Stay cool, everyone!
Mary V said…
Poor things, they make me feel hot looking at them. Hope check up goes well.
Marcia LaRue said…
Can both W's be shaved to help keep them cooler? All that fur ... Makes me sweat just looking at them!
Linda said…
It was in high 90s here today. I would hate to have a coat like that to deal with during the heat.