Bread and Witches

For those of you that don't bake or cook much...this is for you! All of us have failures once in a while. I baked a loaf of bread in my new outdoor oven.

I should say I BURNED a loaf of bread in my new outdoor oven.

So I cut off the burned part....

and the loaf still made perfect toast to eat with the breakfast radishes.

Here are two examples of Salem Witch plates.

The smaller plate is gilded around the perimeter.

The border is cats heads and broomsticks.

I was out at 4:00 am and shot the rhododendrons about to open. I shot this with my night exposure.

She was with me! Sleepy eyes!


Bobbi said…
Are you sure you didn't sneak to my house and take a pix of my bread? 'Cause it sure looks like one of my loaves!!
Is that sourdough? It looks yummy and a lot better than when I've tried to bake bread, hee hee.
I saw your comment on my post, sorry it took me awhile to get back to you. Did you mean the earrings in my etsy shop, if yes, yes I made those. I love making jewelry, unfortunately, don't have a lot of time to indulge my artistic outlet. But I have promised myself that I just have to carve some time out for myself. Just do it, right?
Thanks for stopping by; I am following you now, love your garden.
Dia said…
How fun to have an outdoor oven! Yesterday I made some of my fav. 'Sourdough Raisin Rolls' from the Tasahara Bread book!! So easy (& turned out OK, tho I think we've ALL burned a loaf or two!!)
I let the dough rise overnight, then add a bit of flour to form the rolls (~ a dozen) & let rise for 20 min before baking (the inst. suggest forming the rolls the night before - turn out way too flat & hard!)
Our weather is finally settling - check my post on Tuning the land! Think you'll enjoy it
Susan said…
What a great Mom you are making sandwiches for your daughter and her boyfriend to take to work each morning. That's so sweet & kind. How old is your dog ? and what is her name I looked around a bit but couldn't seem to find her name, she looks like she might be an older girl. And I live in a little village called Pugwash about 2 hrs up the coast from Antigonish, toward New Brunswick and across the Northumberland Strait from Prince Edward Island.
jaz said…
hi susan....i have been to pugwash. what a charming town! i just love that whole area. my chows name is teddy. she is only 4 years old. she was second to freddy who died from stomach cancer at 10 1/2. the last trip freddy made was to st. andrews. she loved nova scotia but was so sick on the last trip it was sad to see her trying to enjoy it but just couldn't. teddy's first trip was to antagonish. she loved the entire trip. the last time we were there we wanted to drive to cape breton but the drive from here was so long that once we arrived to antagonish the last thing i wanted to do was much more driving. i dented my car backing out of a tim hortons too! hehe! are you selling your place?
jaz said…
hi dia...i bake bread every morning. it is like brushing my teeth. it is just part of the day! but i have this new oven and i have not found my rhythm with it yet. so i am just making myself use it every day until it becomes something i don't even have to think about. it can't happen too soon!
jaz said…
hi is not sourdough. it is an old sicilian wet dough bread. i make up a batch of dough and keep it in the refrigerator. i pinch off a piece each morning....proof it and bake it. it is the best bread ever!
Sonia ;) said…
Very wonderful Jaz...blessings be
M.Kate said…
Hi Jaz, thks for popping over..that burnt bread would be very much like me :P I'll link you up so I can visit often, have a great day..hugs/M
Illustrated Ink said…
Thanks for sharing the beautiful Salem Witch plates! Also, despite the burned bottom, that bread looks delicious!!