January Peaches

When Teddy lays down she always leaves one foot tucked under her and one foot out behind her so she can leap up fast if she has to run after something. She is always ready for a quick getaway.

This is the look that tells me...'time for a treat'.

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I made another batch of granola yesterday and thought I would show you the recipe again. I use one large tube of regular oats. I add soy nuts.

And pepitas.

Shelled pistachios.

Lots of cashews.

Sliced almonds.


Light and dark brown sugar. It really doesn't matter what type of brown sugar you use. I finished off bags I had in the pantry.

Some good cinnamon.

Then I mix all the dry ingredients together thoroughly.

I separate it into two bowls to ake it easier to handle.

In a measuring cup, I pour about 2 cups of canola oil.

Then add two cups of maple syrup.

I pour the oil and syrup over the granola and mix it thoroughly.

I line cookie sheets with foil and spray it with cooking spray so it doesn't stick.

These go into a 300 degree oven until toasted golden. About 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

This is what it should look like when done. I then remove it from the oven and allow it to cool.

Again, I divide it into two bowls.

Then I start adding the dried fruits. I add plenty of raisins.

Dried cherries.

Dried cranberries. You can add any kind of dried fruit.

Then stir to combine.

Ready to package.

I keep this container on the breakfast counter.

And package large bags for my kids and smaller ones to give to friends. Yes Abbey, you are getting one too!

I opened the first jar of peaches I put up last July. They are fabulous. Please remind me of this next July when I am bitching about peaches.

If you want to revisit the earlier peach canning odyssey, click here.


Maluszeq said…
I don't eat breakfasts, but something tells me I will start eating. Thank you for the recipe. Home made is the best !!!!!
Autumnforest said…
Homemade granola IS the best, you're right! Yummers. I have to say Teddy makes me smile no matter what. I love that pup. What a little princess of fur.
idrawpix said…
Jaz, I love that you cook with such largess and gusto. No small servings and nothing skimpy! I've said it before, but it bears repeating... your recipients are very lucky!

Have a great day,
I simply has to do this some day! Why buy it when it´s so easy to do one self.

I ate a can of peaches yesterday and thought of all You had canned :-)

That treat look Teddy shows is very familiar sight here too :-)
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
I had some of my pears. Makes all that peeling worthwhile, doesn't it?

It's snowing today.
Lynelle said…
I haven't had homemade granola in years. My mother used to make it, but lost her recipe. Now, I have a mission!!
Toria said…
Okay, I finally know what granola is, after reading about it on US sources for years, it's what we call toasted muesli. Yours looks delicious, I've never thought about adding cashews or pistachios. Yum, I shall try making some soon.
Felinae said…
Teddy is sooo cute. :)

The granola looks delicious, thanks for sharing.

greekwitch said…
It must be great with some milk!
Mermaid Queen said…
Oh yum, this looks so good. I want to give Teddy a giant hug, he's so cute.
Take care,
Suzie said…
Your granola is too pretty to eat, but looks to luscious not too!
I interpreted that look from Teddy as a slight reprimand for taking photos of her backside. She probably thinks that all of that fluffy fur makes her look "big". ;-) Please reassure her that it doesn't and she is adorable from every angle!
Anonymous said…
Everything you make looks so delicious! I love anything that has shrimp and pasta in it.

Stopping by from SITS to give you a big welcome to the SITStahood. W e are so glad you could join us and look forward to seeing you around!
Rue said…
I love granola - this would be a fun project with the girlfriends. Everyone could bring one or two ingredients, we could make a big batch and split it!

I agree about the peaches too. I hate doing them - but I love eating them later!

I never get tired of Teddy pics - she's the best!