I'm in the Mood for Fall

I am completely sick and tired of cleaning my basement. I thought it would take a week and here I am a month later and am still only half way through the mess. This is a case of one thing leading to another. I found things in the basement that belonged in other areas of the house. So, I had to clean those areas out to move stuff in. I accumulated so much and made many, many trips to the thrift stores for drop offs, then we decided to have a garage sale. That took days to prepare for, organizing, pricing and a whole day for the sale. It went pretty well but we did not advertise. We are holding another in a couple weeks, this time advertising and being better organized. So, the push is on to finish the basement as fast as possible. Anyhoo, I get easily distracted! The other day I uncovered my old embossing tools. I had not done any of this in years. It was a murderously hot, humid day and I was dreaming of Fall and when I found this stuff I dropped everything to emboss. It was a downright embossing emergency! For any of you who have never done this it goes pretty much like this. You take a stamp and tap it on an embossing pad which holds adhesive. You press that on a card or paper. Then you sprinkle embossing powder over the adhesive and tap off the excess. You use a heat tool to melt the powder in place which gives you what you see above. The next time I do this I will show it step by step.

Once you have the image set, you can start to paint it. The fun is you can do anything you want with it. I did the witches in light colors here.

I made these a bit angrier looking.

Then I embossed some pumpkins.

I painted one to look very traditional.

I did this with silver overtones. A Cinderella pumpkin!

This one is a bit lighter.

You can see how different they look side by side. Click for a closer look.

Here is a pumpkin label I made. you can make these into cards, tags, labels or anything you can think of.

I also harvested the peaches. thank god I got very few this year. I made my husband peel them. I was not about to can them since I still have most of the ones I put up last year. So, I made them into sauce to use in smoothies. This is all I got from this years crop. as you notice, I will do almost anything to avoid the basement.

If you have time click below to read my experience from last year! It is an experience I will not soon forget.

Click here.

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I´ve never seen embossing before. looks really fun. I especially likes the traditional pumpkin card.

I wish I could come for that garage sale. I bet I could find lots of great things then :-)

They say we´ll have thunder here all day tomorrow and lots of rain. The rain is welcome but the thunder can stay away. I´m tired of getting the lightning through my telephone :-)
Have a great day now!
PhoenixWitch said…
That embossing looks so cool! Maybe you could start making stuff for Halloween. AFTER the basement is done of course! lol. Just think how happy you and proud you will be at all you accomplished!
I understand the dangers of procrastination when clearing out stuff. I once started culling my bookshelves, got distracted and didn't get back to finish the job until a couple of years later. Don't follow my bad example!
Embossing, WOW. What a great job you did. I've never done that either. I love the wild witches and the pumpkins.

Fresh canned peaches. Yummers!

Great job, Jaz!

Happy Day and xoxo to "Teddy of Treats".
faerwillow said…
~i l♥♥♥ve the silver overtone cinderella pumpkin...these are enchantlingly sweet little pieces you created! thanks for sharing with us..warm wishes and brightest blessings~
Pricilla said…
Wow, big difference from last year's crop.

I love peaches. Mmmm. enjoy them!

your embossing is beautiful. I tried it once years ago. Before we hit the road.
Dirgesinger said…
Wonderful embossed pictures! I am looking forward to the detailed description, I love trying out new techniques!
TMCPhoto said…
I often get distracted by fun things when I'm in the middle of a job. The trick is to not feel guilty about getting creative when the mood hits unless of course there's a dire emergency involved with the job you're ditching to make stuff :P

The pumpkins are divine!
Laura said…
i am the queen of procrastination... it is really becoming quite horrible... i must find some motivation soon. :)
i have never tried embossing, but i love the illustrations you posted. the pumpkins are just too cute!
I love all of the fall prints... adorable! ♥
greekwitch said…
The cinderella pumpkin is my favourite! Amazing! I hate those kind of jobs too. Bliach!
By the way, it has been a while since we have heard from Teddy. How is she? I missed her.
oldblackcatboo said…
I agree!
Teddy! Teddy! Teddy!

I'm just about ready for Fall too, especially after seeing your Witch's! and Oh! I WISH I could come to a garage sale of YOURS! I'm sure your "junk" would be my treasure!
I too have been cleaning, gleening, bitching and moaning. but not embossing....although now that you mentioned it, since I'm through with the garage I could go for some rubber stamping.
I made one of your glass garden towers with a twist this last week, speaking of people avoiding the cleaning out thing. I'll post about it this week and send you a pix. I am thrilled with how it came out....see what keeping up with Jaz gets a person...fun stuff that's what., says The Olde Bagg
Debbie said…
Oh Joyce I love the embossed pumpkins! That label you made at the end of the photos is to die for. I just got done reading your "peach story" from last year! That WAS hilarious!! I was feeling very bad for you and at the same time, it was bringing back memories of bad canning days. Then I read about your triumph! You made it to peach heaven!....or someone in between peach heaven and peach hell? You earned your peach canning wings for sure.:) Good job! I for one am also glad you only have one peach tree! By the way...I have not posted about the dragonfly box yet because I have not SEEN my daughter since before her birthday! I still have it and will probably be giving it to her next month when we have a barbecue with the kids here. She has a new boyfriend from Canada and not only is she never home, she never answers her cell! Just got her yesterday on that damned I-phone. She was buying a passport for 150.00 to be able to go to Canada with the beau in the future. A passport to Canada now? Guess i missed that one in the news? I promise I will get photos next month when I finally give it to her! Gosh I didn't even see her on her birthday...she was away....a very weird year for us....that's unusual.
Guillaume said…
I wonder if my first comment got trhough, there was an error so I will write it again.

Lovely witches and pumpkins. I am also in an Autumn mood, partially because, while it is not cold or even cool, it does not feel like July much here: we have lots of clouds and there is always wind. It feels like early September. I was tempted to borrow a ghost stories book from the library today. Usually, I start thinking of Autumn and Halloween seriously at the second half of August, when I feel that Summer and the holidays are going away. But the last few years August has often been hotter and more summery than July.
Mystica said…
Thanks for the tutorial on embossing but I will wait for your detailed instructions! The peace puree looks yummy.
Celia said…
I have Fall Fever too!! I have the stuff to try my hand at embossing....I bought it a while back but haven't done it yet. I have also been going through stuff and taking stuff back to the thrift store....must be in the air.