Blueberry Pie

I made a blueberry pie the other day.  I am not cooking anything in the heat we have today or for the next few days for that matter.

I used the same recipe I used for the blackberry pie.

I had been using the same pie crust for years and swore I would never change it.

But never say never.

This recipe is superior and so easy.

And Teddy loves the crust.

She pleads to get a taste.

I always top it with sugar too because I make my filling a bit on the tart side.

It turns out perfectly every time.

Who could resist?


Patty Woodland said…
The hubby's favorite.
I hope it cools off for you.
Don't make me turn my oven on today. My friend, Edie gave me about 3 quarts of blueberries yesterday. How can I not make this pie!
Anonymous said…
oh this is good, yum!!
Anonymous said…
I was just looking at my blueberry bushes and thought I'll be able to make a pie or two this year even if the bushes only have grown here one year :-)
Bit early yet though, perhaps in late July if we ever get any heat. Send over some please :-)

Have a great day despite the heat!
Teddy looks cute begging for a piece of that crust. Can I have a piece too???
Robin Larkspur said…
Adore blueberry pie, this looks so good, but it is so hot here, even with the a/c on, that I will have to wait to try your crust.
Nellie said…
Sugar on top helps give a golden top crust. I sprinkle it on top of my pie crusts, too.

We are having a great blueberry harvest here, so I did have to bake today - a blueberry pie, too! I had to use last year's frozen berries in order to clear more freezer space for this year's.

We are staying in trying to keep cool, a real challenge in 100+ degree temperatures!

Take care!
jody said…
yum! your pie looks great! i just wanted to tell you i love your recipes and when the cobbler gals were here the other night i made your goat chz recipe with crushed tomatoes. yum and even better the next am for breakfast! im making your sliders again tomorrow for my son/daughter in laws friend who are moving across town, thought it would be perfect for them to have on hand for helpers in and out! hope you and teddy are surviving the heat and making fast trips thru the gardens... enjoy your evening!
Who could resist? Not me!
Ina in Alaska said…
You are welcome to come cook at my house in Anchorage Alaska any time if you wish to beat the heat! Although last Saturday it WAS 80 degrees here.... we have had rainy days since. This weekend the sun is trying to peek from behind the clouds. I hope so!!

The pie looks fab and Teddy is one lucky girl!
Debbie said…
Yummie Yummie....Love blueberry pie! I have been cooking in my oven too with the air conditioner on...what the heck! Stuffed shells....chicken pot name it. Beautiful looking pie Joyce...but of course I would have expected nothing different from you.:)