Cut Out Cookies

I spent the day yesterday making cut out cookies.

They are a lot of work but are one of my favorites.  Click here for the recipe:

This year I just used my old moon cutter.

Here is one of the mincemeat tarts.

Covered in hard sauce.

Next on my list are these.  Here is the recipe:

We are supposed to get a winter storm!!!

Please dear Santa, send me snow!!!


Debby said…
You are amazing. I wish I liked to bake. I used to. Now it isn't fun since I can't have gluten. I may make peanut butter ones. I miss the cut out ones. I really like your star ones.
Those Cherry Bon Bons look so good. I made Oreo Truffles yesterday and I am I am about over making holiday desserts because of that. And I didn't have to bake anything. I do still need to make some sugar cookies for Santa, though. You are amazing with all your baking.

PS... Hope you get your snow. I would love to have some.
Patty Woodland said…
I hope you get all the snow you would want.
Anonymous said…
beautiful cookies, love the old moon cutter.We are in the throes of a full fledged blizzard, roads closed, buses cancelled, zero visibility, you would love it.
Ellen in Oregon said…
I made your Kringles last night (wonderful orange butteryness)& the dough for the Rugalach (chilling out in the fridge) which I will roll out & bake today. The dough was lovely & easy to handle. My thanks go out to you and The Tech (of course) for another year of wonderful foods to cook and beautiful step by step photos. I don't know where you get the time or the energy, but I am greatful for your blog & enjoy every posting.
Nellie said…
We have had rain, wind, and falling temperatures. Flurries are in the forecast, but I doubt we have any here. I hope you get the snow you want!

There is nothing like a plate of Christmas cookies!

Anonymous said…
I do hope You'll get the snow You're hoping for :-)

Soo many cookies and they both look delicious and tastes it as well :-)

Have a great day!
Joy said…
Nice, Joyce! I admire how much time you spend in the kitchen and then still find time to blog about it! :-) And by the way, you can have our snowstorm we had in Istanbul!