Pecan Shortbread Recipe

I think I have crossed the halfway mark in cookie baking. It doesn't feel anything like Christmas since it is sunny and 60 degrees.  Where is my winter?

Yesterday was pecan shortbread day.

These are very easy to make and delicious.

You can find the recipe for these here:

I actually took the day off today from baking.  I needed a day away from inhaling flour!  We took Teddy and headed north to look for "the big puppies".  We found lots of them and Teddy got burgers so it was a good chow chow day.  Back to baking tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
You really have a strange winter this year! Well to call it winter would be lying wouldn't it :-) We'll get a snow storm at Yule eve here and it will continue for at least two days they say. I do hope You'll get some cooler weather soon!

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
Winter is here, sort of. About 4" but now it is raining. Then tonight it is to freeze and more snow coming.

I could have done without the rain
Guillaume said…
Gosh I am hungry now.
Robin Larkspur said…
Yikes, you went looking for the big puppies, and.....Teddy ate burgers??!! Um....she is much more of a hunter-gatherer than I thought!
Sandy Sandy said…
I'm glad you and Teddy enjoyed your day off! I tried these Pecan Shortbread Bars last time you posted the recipe and they were delicious! Mine were a bit over baked though, so I wanted to try them again and adjust the time. Thanks for the reminder.
Joy said…
WOW! You are one busy baker! I'd take 60 F over cold, dreary and 45 any day! :-)
Anonymous said…
i have never made this shortbread, it looks like you use brown sugar, You have made a wonderful array of cookies!I made anise and almond biscotti today, yesterday, Thimble cookies and the day before gingerbread, I love this time of year, I love to bake even with one arm!
You need to take a Christmas holiday some year. Up to Canada! We've got lots of cold and snow here, at least on the prairies. The rest of Canada is going to have a brown Christmas though.
Barb said…
Another yummy post. I am glad that you and Teddy took a short break!!
Nellie said…
They look wonderful!
Joyce dear, I think your "Winter" went to visit Christer in Sweden! I really do!