Thumbprint Cookie Recipe

The Blog Tech and I baked together yesterday.  We made thumbprint cookies. And we had lots of fun.

My mother made these when I was small.  She made them every Christmas before she died when she was just 40 years old. I still have the recipe in her handwriting.  I've made a few changes but I still love getting her recipes out.  Here is my version of this recipe:

Though I hardly remember her, and my kids never came close to knowing her, at least we can still have all of her Christmas cookies each year.

People have been asking me what I do with all of these cookies.  I wrap them up and give them to neighbors, police and firemen.

There is a recluse that lives a few blocks away.  For years I have placed a plate of my cookies by the door on her front porch each Christmas eve.  I always drive by 15 minutes later and the cookies are gone.  She has dropped me a note a couple of times saying she doesn't know what she has ever done to receive such a gift, but thanks me profusely for thinking of her.

We made bon bons too!  You can find the recipe here:


Patty Woodland said…
I know that the firemen appreciate them :)
How nice that you spread Christmas cheer throughout your community! I bet you always make the recluse's day too.

I don't know if Sean Quigley will have a new Xmas carol video this year! Let's hope he does. Keeping my eyes peeled!
Robin Larkspur said…
Your gifts of baked goods mean a lot to those who receive them. You are a wonderful lady!
Anonymous said…
I was thinking I should do those bonbons this year, I love anything with cherries :-)

Have a great day!
Dee said…
What a sweet story about the recluse and her thanking you. You are a nice lady.
chirish said…
You have a good Heart.
Nellie said…
Such a thoughtful thing to do with those cookies!
Anonymous said…
what a wonderful gift,
Your cookies look delicious! How sweet to have a recipe in your mom's hand writing!
littlemancat said…
That is so nice! What happiness to the receivers, and to you as well.
I will be trying the hidden candy cane cookies this week - thanks for the recipe!
yum yum. how wonderful you retain her handwritten recipe!

i have made the thumbprint cookies with my kids when they were small.
Barb said…
Very special! I make my Mom's version of pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving. I always tell my guests about her.
Laura said…
It is through these acts of kindness and grace that we spread light over darkness. Thank you for being an angel among us.
Dog Trot Farm said…
Random acts of kindness are so appreciated, especially at this time of year. Mr. Dog Trot and I head out to animal shelters. We bring cookies for the humans, treats and toys for cats and dogs and apples and carrots for horses and other large animals. I feel it is the least we can do and it gives us great pleasure. You are such a kind and giving lady, a cookie angel. Greetings from Maine, Julie.
John'aLee said…
The world needs more people like you my friend!