Beemster Graskaas Cheese Polish Zapiekanka

I am lucky to have some really excellent cheese shops within 5 minutes of my home.  When they get Beemster Graskaas, I always buy a big chunk.  It is a wonderful cheese and perfect for Polish pizza (zapiekanka). I made some rosemary bread and turned the recipe into a breakfast dish.
 It all starts with some nice button mushrooms.

 Slice them thin.

 Place them in a bit of melted butter in a heavy skillet and sprinkle them with salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

 Place the lid on the skillet just long for the mushrooms to give up their liquid.

 This is the secret for cooking mushrooms without using lots of butter or oil.  Once they release the liquid, it is easy to brown them.

 Now they are very tasty!

 Place them on the bread.  I toasted the bread first under the broiler just to crisp it up a bit.
 Place the cheese on top .

 Broil until melted.

 Top with a fried egg sprinkled with fresh marjoram.



Anonymous said…
I'm actually thinking of doing sonmething like that right now :-) I don't have that cheese and doubt that I can find it here too, but I know a cheese store close to where I grew up and next time I go down there I'll see if I can find it.

Slow internet for me today and tomorrow, I've used the ammount of data I pay for this month, I'm glad it's the last of June tomorrow :-) But thankfully the last photo was the one that showed first :-)

Have a great day!


Say this blog Title, 3 times, quickly.
Patty Woodland said…
I read the title of your post and thought you were off a key or two on your keyboard.
Robin Larkspur said…
This looks heavenly. I wonder if I can find this cheese. Although I know I cannot pronounce this dish!!
Anonymous said…
Nellie said…
Wonderful! Save me an extra!
OMG that looks so-ooo good.
Jan said…
Looks absolutely delicious!!!

Love the plate, too :}
OMG! is right, Taryterre!
Barb said…
You are making me hungry for breakfast!
Joy said…
Love that you can find Polish cheese by you! The Zapiekanka are quite the popular late-night bar snack in downtown Warsaw too. :-)
luckybunny said…
I'm making this ASAP!
chickpea678 said…
That is totally my kind of breakfast! Looks delicious!!!