4th Of July Dinner

After all the cooking I did for the shelter yesterday, I had nothing for us to eat.  So, though it wasn't typical 4th of July food, I made a couple of pizzas.
This was a white pizza with mushrooms. We drizzled it with truffle oil before we ate it.

 And I just made a plain cheese pizza too.  You can find the dough recipe here:  http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/2013/03/pizza-dough-recipe.html

As a special treat for The Blog Tech and his father, I made them banana splits.  They are a perfect 4th of July treat!

I made strawberry and pineapple topping from fresh fruits.  They got a scoop of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream, chocolate and butterscotch sauces, whipped cream and a cherry on top.  And sprinkles, you have to have sprinkles.  The room fell silent and all I could hear was the scraping of spoons on the bowls.


PURRRRRRFECT! 4th of July menu! All round! Lucky family!

(Who is a little silly, after the holiday...)
Robin Larkspur said…
Pizza for the Fourth can be a new holiday tradition!
Patty Woodland said…
Pizza is a perfect dinner if you ask me!
That's so funny we almost had pizza yesterday too. But at the last minute went with chicken instead. YOUR pizza looks yummy. Especially the mushroom with truffle oil. And the banana splits must have disappeared in 5 seconds flat.
Any home made meal is a good meal!!! What nice sounds to hear from your husband and son ~ a real compliment to the chef!!!
Anonymous said…
Banana split must be the most known dessert in the world and it's much the same ingredients where ever one is in the world :-) I love it :-)

I eat one or two pizzas every year and I felt that it's time for one now when I saw Yours :-)

I think I'll have one next time I go to town :-)

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
I'll take your homemade pizza and banana splits any day!
I am glad that you did not go hungry after all the good work you do. Have a good weekend. Diane
MandaBurms said…
I bet the shelter room was silent too when they ate their dinner.

Love Leanne
Jan said…
Sounds and looks delicious to me, Jaz!!!

Guillaume said…
You sure know how to cook.
Barb said…
Looks like a perfect 4th of July meal to me, especially the desert!!
Hahahahaha -- "can't talk, eating." Sounds like a wonderful 4th of July meal to me!
luckybunny said…
Pizza looks so yummy! We just found some no nitrate pepperoni I need to try, Kevin cannot have nitrates so we haven't had pepperoni in a decade or more. Those banana splits look amazing! Was my moms all time favorite dessert :)
We had the same thing..however, our Pizza came from The Pizza Hut! :( and yeah, we had ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream...but nothing like yours, for sure. I just may have to go to the shelter! Yours, that is. :)