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Yesterday was the first good Fall day we have had after a long string of temps in the 80's and high humidity. I thought the guys at the shelter would appreciate a good Fall meal.  First I made some of these almond cakes.  You can find the recipe here: http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/2012/06/cecilias-old-fashioned-butter-cake.html  Just add 1 tsp. of almond extract to the recipe and top with toasted slivered almonds.

Then I made a huge pot of chili.

This pot is so big it takes two people to carry it to the car.  You can find my chili recipe here:  http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/2010/12/l.html

I also made my honey jalapeno cornbread.  Four double recipes should have fed at least 80 of the men.  I think a bowl of flavorful chili with a good chunk of cornbread makes a great Fall meal.


Jan said…
Hi, Jaz!!! Love that cornbread...makes my mouth drool just looking at the photo! Actually all of these photos make me hungry :D

Have a great day!!!

Robin Larkspur said…
Beautiful pumpkin books!
And a delicious fall dinner indeed!
Glad your weather is more autumn-like!
Joy said…
Definitely good chili or any kind of soup weather here in Poland! Yum!
Anonymous said…
I'm not surprised that you have an extensive collection of Pumpkin books, lol, you sure do feed those fellas at the shelter well!
Patty Woodland said…
I think you are correct!
Anonymous said…
I must admit that I don't think I've seen a single pumpkin book over here. Come to think of it I still haven't seen a single pumpkin in the stores. Now days they have at least some around the time of Halloween so I guess I might see one or two this Friday when I go to the super market.

I'm pretty usre they will love that food at the shelter :-)

Have a great day!
I haven't had chilli in ages - you just gave me an idea as the cold weather is predicted to start here this coming weekend.
Nellie said…
Cornbread and chili! That's a winner in my book!
Barb said…
I'm sure the guys at the shelter loved this meal!
luckybunny said…
That is A LOT of delicious food, and I know, a lot of full, happy bellies!
You got me in the mood for some chili.
A wonderful, delicious food, I am sure it will make many folks very happy! Happy Fall : ) Ozlem
Cottage Tails said…
Oh wow your men at the shelter must sure look forward to your meals.
Love Leanne
I just printed this out..and this Sunday is going to be a great time to make it. Joyce, you are .. *sigh* just wonderful!! Exactly what I needed.
I just printed this out..and this Sunday is going to be a great time to make it. Joyce, you are .. *sigh* just wonderful!! Exactly what I needed.