Chicken/Bacon Rolls and Brownies, A Valentine's Surprise

Yesterday was the kids last day at the center for the rest of the month.  The center is having budget issues and has to cut two weeks out because they can't afford it. I wanted to make the kids a nice Valentine's tread so I made them these delicious rolls.
 I made homemade pizza dough but you could easily use store bought.  Just roll the dough out and sprinkle it with diced cooked bacon and chicken.  These could be made with pepperoni or spinach and feta or any combo you like. I also sprinkled grated cheddar cheese over them.

 Roll them and slice them and place them on parchment covered cookie sheets.

 I made 4 trays of these and ended up with 48 rolls.  There are about 20 kids at the center each day so they got to take some home with them.

 I also made 3 recipes of these brownies:

After they baked, I spread them with raspberry jam and topped them with chocolate ganache icing.  Then I pressed a chocolate heart in the center of each one.  That is a puppy butt in the top left corner.

 A nice valentine's treat.

 I also made a vat of ranch dressing for the rolls to be dipped in.

I am going to miss cooking for them for two weeks.


sandra said…
MAN that all looks sooo good!!! maybe freeze some yummies for when they kids get back so you will be ahead of the game ;]!
Anonymous said…
oh those look soooo good, I am so sorry they have not enough funding, that is a tragedy,
Anonymous said…
It's sad to read their funding isn't big enough but at löeast they know they can return next month.

Those rolls and brownies look so delicious!

have a great day!
Robin Larkspur said…
Deeee-licious!!! THe rolls look like a quick and easy meal. And, as always, brownies are my favorite. I know the kids will be excited.

Teddy has a very cute puppy butt!!
I'm sure those kids feel the luuuuv in your baking!
Mary Ann said…
Joyce, will this be an ongoing problem, two weeks on, two weeks off? I'm so sorry to read this.
Guillaume said…
Oh I'd have all of that tomorrow!
Barb said…
What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day with the kids!!
Patty Woodland said…
I'm sure they loved it. Those rolls look heavenly
What a sweet valentine's gift for the children. You are an angel.
Jeri Landers said…
Every time I come over here, i leave hungry! Why is that?.. Anyway, I wanted to encourage you to try the needle felting, it is easy, fun and very forgiving. Jeri from the Hollow
:) When I read your posts, look at your photo's, I can FEEL how much pleasure it gives you to do this.
What a neat thing in a world where so much is wrong. Wow! So great!
Jim said…
Oh I think they are going to miss your goodies too!
Love those rolls!
Rajesh Kumar said…

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