Slider Buns and Snow

 I've been tapped to cater another event next Sunday right after the big Saturday event for 200 and I am making sliders...lots of sliders.  So, yesterday I made slider buns to freeze.  Tray after tray of slider rolls.

 I only show you this because I figured out a really good way to make them that is actually much easier than forming each roll into a ball.  Just roll them out and use a 2 inch biscuit cutter! They turn out the perfect size and thickness for sliders.  I should have figured this out years ago.

 Our predicted dusting of snow turned out to be more like 4 fluffy inches. Click for a closer look.

 Teddy likes to eat fluffy snow.

 She roots it up with her nose.

 And then licks it off with her blue tongue.

 I couldn't get her to look straight into the camera.

 Though I whistled and barked and made every noise I could think of.

 I finally got a little peek.

Then right back for a another gulp.


Never too old to learn a new trick! Oh, you know what I mean.
Anonymous said…
did you try meow ,,, lol,
beautiful slider buns and what a great idea!!! I know I will never need to make that many and to be honest I have never made a slider, but I will keep this in mind! You are one busy woman and a happy one as well , because it snowed!
Leeanna said…
Teddy looks like she loves the snow. Too busy to look up at the camera.
David loves sliders. Great idea!
Teddy looks right at home in the snow. She was having too much fun to pose.
Anonymous said…
I haven't done much baking this winter, I guess it might be because we really haven't had any real winter this year, which I won't complain about :-)

What is it with dogs and eating snow? My dogs love it too! Well as long as they are happy and don't get sick :-)

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
Great to see Teddy having such fun with the snow!

That's a great suggestion about the slider buns! Don't know if I will ever need to make them, but I'll certainly remember this tip!
Cottage Tails said…
clicking on a photo to make it bigger made me smile Teddy sure has been putting her face into the snow.
Are you expecting more snow?
Guillaume said…
more bread pics to make me hungry. And I love the pictures of Teddy in the snow.
NanaDiana said…
I can almost smell those rolls baking from here. Oh My!
Love the "dusting" of 4" you got. How cute Teddy is in the snow. xo Diana
Robin Larkspur said…
My Gwennie loves rolling in the snow and eating it. She does not seem to be affected by the cold with her very thick coat.
Your buns look great, oh, and so do the slider buns!
I enlarged the pictures and burst out cute. She knew you wanted her attention and she darn well was not going to look! Funny!!
Barb said…
Teddy looks like she is enjoying the snow!
Kay said…
Gracious! Teddy is looking fluffier and fluffier. I'll bet it helps in the cold weather.