Chex Mix Season

I make so much of this that I have to mix it in a garbage bag.  I dump all of the ingredients in and gently roll it to coat everything completely. I use wheat, corn and rice chex, cashews, potato sticks, fritos, bugels, fried onions, wheat thins, pretzel sticks and mini triscuits.
Spread it out on cookies sheets and bake it at 275 degrees for 1-1/2 to 2 hours turning it over half way through.
Let it cool and pack it in bags and give it to your friends.  They will be happy.  I put 2 large bowls outside for my workers yesterday and it was funny to see them eating it all day long. There weren't even crumbs left!

 Look at the new Fall Twizzlers I found!  Caramel apple.


Nellie said…
That Chex Mix wouldn't stay around here very long!
Leeanna said…
Chex Mix is a necessity for fall football games in Texas. Football is a religion here.
...... Bobbi said…
I love Chex mix! Have you ever made it in the microwave? I just wonder if it tastes the same.
I've never tried anything like the chex mix but I sure wouldn't hesitate to eat those twizzlers :-) :-)

Have a great day!

laurie said…
you certainly make a huge batch!! Lots of interesting things you add as well, looks wonderful!
The twizzlers are really unusual, I wonder is the filling gooey?
Barb said…
I will look for the twizzlers!
mlw33 said…
I found the pumpkin spice latte m&m's today. It made my day! Love seeing Fall things trickle into stores!
Birgit said…
What exactly are Twizzlers?

The food looks delicious! :)

Happy Friday,
Whitney said…
Gin2Weave said…
Could you please put approximate quantity of mix to this recipe. Maybe it's one box of everything?