The Homes of Skaneateles

This is the Sherwood Inn where My Daughter and The Chef are staying. Their suite is the room with all of the windows on the second floor, far left.  She said it is like being inside a snow globe.  They have views of everything and it has been on and off snowing since they got there.

This house is right below them and is owned by the inn and can be rented.

Just across the street is the lake.

The cleanest lake in the country.

The houses in this town are spectacular.  This has always been my favorite one.

This house sits on a hill overlooking the lake.

It has it's own little mini house that sits right on the lake.

This park on the lake is right across the street from the inn.

And the gazebo is the center of all activities throughout the year.

Yeas ago when my husband and I were in our first years as empty nesters, we thought about buying this house.  It sits right at the tip of the lake and has stairs that lead right into the lake from the backyard.  Now I sort of wish we had bought it!

An Italianate house.  This area has many houses with this type of architecture.  This is just a perfect trip for snow lovers like us.  The Chef spent the last two days snowboarding nearby. is a link for the butter tarts recipe from yesterday:


Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures. You make me feel very homesick.
Mary Bolton said…
Visited this lovely town once. Went from store to store along the main street to see what each store was doing with the "back window". Some were creatively featured, others were storage rooms. Love the Finger Lakes region!
Susan said…
This is a very beautiful area. I could live very happily in any of these houses. Love the snow. Such a great holiday for your daughter and her husband. Thx for the recipe.
Beautiful place but too much snow for my taste :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Marcia said…
I think we ate lunch in this town once. May have to return someday in warm weather to enjoy the lake.
Joe Biden's first wife was from this town.
Leanna said…
Such beautiful homes. And the snow!
Rain said…
The houses there are so beautiful. So grand!