Sunday Football

This past weekend, I set up another spread for Sunday football.  My kids and their spouses and Ziggy came to watch.  Well, some came to eat more than watch football, but I was prepared. The board in the front held my smokey tuna spread which is my daughter's favorite.  I made some yummy rye bread to spread it on.

I put out a small meat and cheese platter just because people like to pick at stuff.


Everyone requested hot dogs so I made homemade buns and made pork and sauerkraut for one of the toppers.  The Chef loves sauerkraut on his hot dogs so he was very happy.

He is also a big fan of Polish mizeria (creamy cucumbers), so I made a big bowl.

I made a lot of Cajun Chex Mix and everyone got to take bags of it home with them.

Willie helped.

I made some garlic shrimp scampi....

and served them on top of individual Chesapeake Bay flavored mac and cheese.  


Winnie helped too.

Sorry for the camera shadow but  I made this wonderful French vanilla cake with a crunchy almond and coconut topping.

There was a gingerbread cake with vanilla buttercream and I made Crumbl Cookies' Indian Fry Bread cookies. They are in the back of this shot.

And another recipe of oatmeal cookies.

Ziggy and the pups played and played.  Ziggy ate so much food that he decided to crash on Winnie's bed on the porch.  And Winnie let him!


Man, what a FEAST! And Ziggy is getting so big!
DVArtist said…
I agree what a spread.
Susan said…
Your Football fans enjoyed a full-on, super-fantastic, gourmet spread. Having the 3 pups playing and eating makes me smile. Precious Ziggy...he needed a nap.
1st Man said…
Yeah, I'd come for the food and be like "Oh, there's football on?", ha. Beautiful and yummy looking!
wranglerkate said…
You are so amazing! You prepare such wonderful and lovely feasts for your friends and family. They are so blessed to have you.
Guillaume said…
The food looks so delicious.
I did my DNA research this year and my 2nd great grandmother is from Poland. So polish recipes I need to learn. Your spread looks wonderful.
DrumMajor said…
Doggie Football sounds like fun! A beautiful spread of food. You have never-ending to fix all of that! Linda in Kansas
Unknown said…
It's nice to see the W's getting their hands dirty and getting in the kitchen to help you. OMG those oatmeal cookies.
Holly said…
Making my blogging rounds. Great October pics and post. I so desire markets and farm displays out here. Being in Texas our morning and nights have already cooled so it looks like a chilly winter out here. This post in particular has made me very hungry , very early.
Rain said…
Awww Ziggy...he's so adorable, I have a special spot in my heart for hounds!! What a spread, oh my gosh, is this what you referred to as "something you just whipped up"? LOL!
Talk about delicious. Everthing looks very appetizing. i'd go for the Scampie and that gingerbread cake
Laura said…
wow! can i come watch football at your house? wait...who do you root for? nevermind. i'll just focus on the food. ;-)

love & magicks

ps...hugs to the pups