What I Bought

It's the height of summer here.  Hot and humid days are upon us.  Though I do not like this weather one bit, it does make me want to make jam.  I bought 8 quarts of blueberries at the Amish market and turned them into some blueberry/lime jam.  We ate a bunch of them plain too. Is it hot where you are?

I bought 4 large bags of bing cherries too.  Cherries are my favorite fruit.

Everyone was selling Ancient Sweets at the market.

Fresh beets which I pickled.

And more corn.  The corn is wonderful this year.  Are you eating corn on the cob yet?

I put my pumpkins out on my cooktop.

These tomatoes are from my garden. We are eating tomatoes with every meal.

I bought this rolling pin from and Amish guy that makes these and cutting boards.

I roasted the peppers.

If you have never made these, you should give them a try.  The are delicious.  http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/2011/08/turkish-roasted-peppers.html

Here is the recipe for the blueberry jam:  http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/2010/06/flowers-in-teddys-garden-and-blueberry.html


I LOVE cherries too. Fond of the Ranier type. Love the rolling pin. Looks like a work of art.
I had my first big feed of fresh peas in the pod on the weekend! Heavenly.
Sandy Livesay said…

You sure made out at the Amish market. I love your rolling pin, it's gorgeous!!!
Anonymous said…
That rolling pin look so cool!

Cherries are my favorite berries but they aren't that popular here for a reason I just don't understand. Could it be the kernels perhaps?

No fresh corn here yet so I'll have to wait a while longer I'm afraid.

Sorry have to go, lightning just hit a short distance from here :-) and yes it is hot!

Have a great day!
JMD said…
Do you have information to order the rolling pin?
Joyce F said…
LOVE that rolling pin. We have so many big tomatoes off 4 plants and I never saw so many cherry tomatoes as are on those plants this year. Needless to say two people can't keep up eating them so will be heating up the kitchen to preserve some of them.
Guillaume said…
It is hot where I am and it makes me long for autumn. So do your pictures actually. And oh the blueberries.

"On the feast of Saint-Anne, the blueberries are ripe. It is the grape of our land, the son of fire, the offering of the humble and rocky soil; it is the honey of wild gulleys, brother of the vines in the infinite realm of peat moss and bogs."

Nellie said…
What wonderful gifts of summer you have been enjoying!
Barb said…
All the produce looks wonderful. I am eating the blueberries almost a quick as I buy them. It is finally cooler here.
Oh lordy Joyce!! Reading your blog is like getting high on a drug. I mean not that I have ever been high on a drug of course...but it certainly is like a shot in the arm..or arse. I want to get out the pots and pans...and MY GOSH! Now you've done it. Putting all those pumpkin pots out on the stove gave me a rush. I am SO ready for Fall and cool weather. It was exactly 100 here today. Poor PH tried to sit out on the patio..did well until about 1PM then headed for the house. Mele was way ahead of him. I looked out and she was sprawled on the cool stones..looking pathetic.
You bought some GREAT fruits and veggies. Peppers? Roast them, you say? well..okay.
*pausing to think if I dare give it a try!*
Herbalgirl said…

We are having a heat wave in London. My Irish skin can't take it! I love that beautiful rolling pin and will try the blueberry lime jam. Lime sounds good with blueberry.
Laura said…
It's hot here too but supposedly a cold front is coming through tomorrow afternoon and will cool us down a little. Corn on the cob? Oh yes! In fact I just bought a dozen ears at the farmers market this morning. I have no idea why I bought so much, it will take me more than a week to eat all that!

ps...hugs to Teddy!