Rolls for Thanksgiving

I have been making these potato rolls for as long as I can remember.  My mother made them when I was a little girl.  It would not be Thanksgiving without them.
 I like to roll the dough into a big circle and cut them with a pizza cutter and then roll them into crescents.  You can find the recipe here:
 I also made  honey butter pumpkin rolls.

 These all freeze very well and then you can warm them up right before the feast.                                                                              
 So far I've baked all of the bread for my stuffing, made the cranberry relish, baked all of the rolls, ironed all of the tablecloths and napkins, polished the flatware and did all of the grocery shopping.  Now I only have about a million other things to do!  Are you ready for Thanksgiving?


WOW! You go girl! Where do you find the time and energy? I have a million things to do and I am totally unprepared!
Anonymous said…
Those rolls look so yummy!

I'm quite sure I wouldn't have dióne much even iuf we had celebrated thanksgiving here, we all live all over the country and would most likely not have met anyway :-)

Have a great day!
Those are making my mouth water!
Anonymous said…
My vegan children will be here for Thanksgiving so I have found recipes to fit the group and still have grocery shopping and food prep to do. It will all get done somehow, but first, I really must clean house. I've been so busy with school activities that housekeeping has taken a backseat.
Sophie Laurenti said…
We just got our first snow of the season today, which has motivated me to stay in bed instead of getting my shopping completed. But I have made a menu and a shopping list. I wish I was more productive like you!
Laura said…
Wow! I haven't even begun to get ready. Ours isn't until next Saturday, but still. I'd better get busy!

ps...hugs to Teddy!
Guillaume said…
I almost forgot that American Thanksgiving is coming.
Barb said…
Those rolls look wonderful. Thanks to the back surgery and recovery, I will not be cooking this year. I have a dear friend who is having us over and she won't let me make anything. I made my first dinner without too much help last night! Real progress!
I think bread is my favorite food on this earth..loaded with real butter, of course!! Those are beautiful, Joyce!!