Vermilion, Ohio

 This past Saturday we headed out to attend a walleye festival.  Along the way we drove through Vermilion, Ohio, one of my favorite little towns.

 It's home to the Cleveland Yacht Club which sits on the Vermilion River which leads out to Lake Erie.  There is the quaintest boating community here called The Vermilion Lagoons.
 The lagoons were created right on the river so people could live in the houses built here and pull their boats right up to their homes the same as they park their cars.

 The houses are all white with white picket fences.

 A perfect Memorial Day setting.

 Here is the lagoon.

 You can jump on your boat and be on Lake Erie in no time at all.

 I just wonder how you keep your kids and dogs from falling in.

 There are quite a number of these lagoons all lined with these picture perfect houses.

 Lake Erie, or as it is known in October, Lake Eerie.

 Beautiful beaches.

After the sightseeing we went to the festival and stayed for about 5 minutes.  It was a total bust.


Anonymous said…
nice little town though,,,,,
Aw, too bad the festival sucked. On the prairies we call walleye "pickerel" and the only fish I ever caught was a pickerel. They're good eating.

P.S. Two down, two to go, yay!
I love that area. Lake Erie is a favorite place of mine too. Looks idyllic in the pics, all those picket fences. Too bad the Walleye festival was a bust.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful place! But way to perfect for me to live in :-)

Have a great day!

Cottage Tails said…
I love you taking us along on your road trips.
Leeanna said…
Cute little town.
Guillaume said…
The town looks beautiful. I love the name too.